The results from our 2018 Wildlife Portraits photo contest.

  • Winner: Vladimir Cech Jr.
    One moment of pure magic

    From the first day in Mongolian mountains, I thought to myself, if it was not too much boldness from me to come there with the three home-knocked traps installed in plastic boxes from Ikea and claiming I had come for a picture of a creature, that even most of the locals have never seen and probably will not even see. If I speak Mongolian, I swore that they was little bit laughing. Exactly after three days in the field they did not laugh anymore...I did not either. It worked!

  • Runner-Up: Pushpal Goswami

    I along with my friend went to Meghalaya, India last September,2017. On the second day of our trip we went in search of some nocturnal species. There suddenly we came across this Pit Viper. The species was on the tree perch beside the road waiting (may be) for its prey. We both were excited and planned to take some out of box shot of the said species. Photography at night requires a lot more depth and we gave our 100% to take the shot after spending a lot of time. Snakes generally pop out their tongue to sense their surrounding and I took the opportunity to make a shot with a bit drama in that. To add that drama, I had fired the external flash (Canon 430 EX II) from behind using trigger. I had used Canon EOS 7D Mark II , Canon EF-S 55-250mm and intentionally slower the shutter speed to capture this dramatic movement of the flickering tongue of the snake. A slight drizzle works well in anti-light condition and slow shutter speed.

  • Runner-Up: Fabrizio Moglia
    Two eyes

    In a Kurile Lake (Kamchatka) I took this no crop photo from very short distance from this Ursus Arctos Beringianus feeding a Red Salmon

Congratulations to the featured photographers and a big thank you to all who entered! Thank you also to the generous support of our contest sponsors: