The results from our 2019 Wildlife Portraits photo contest.

  • Winner: Arthur Veitch
    Cougar at sunset

    I am enthralled by the moody skies we experience during the summer months in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Living relatively far north, I wanted to maximise the long summer days by capturing images of wildlife set against the Smoky River valley, with the cool cloud formations that usually gather overhead. On the evening this image was made, my wife and I looked at the sky, with its cool blues and bright pinks, and I said, "wouldn't it be great if a cougar walked through the camera trap right now." This young cat obliged. The image was made with a Sony A7iii, Rokinon 24mm lens, two Nikon strobes and a Camtraptions V3 PIR sensor.

  • Runner-Up: Aayush Pandey
    Wild Rainbow

    Blue-throated Barbet couple in the jungle of Ranibari Community Forest.

  • Runner-Up: Serge MELESAN
    The Great White Shark

    A male great white shark coming to the surface at Guadalupe Island.

Congratulations to the featured photographers and a big thank you to all who entered! Thank you also to the generous support of our contest sponsors: