Petar Sabol

Petar Sabol „Sharpeye“ was born in 1981 in town Čakovec, Republic of Croatia, Europe. He started his photography work in 2007. In the same year he joined the Photo Club Čakovec and became its active member. From the very beginning of his photographic work he was fascinated with nature and its beauty, especially in the area of macro photography. In addition he professionally photographed events (weddings, various celebrations and public events). His photographic images display and evoke moments in the life of nature that most people find difficult or almost impossible to see in reality because of constant and increasing human alienation from nature. Thanks to devoted and very systematic work, he captures incredible shots in which the main compositional ingredient is beautiful natural light. By idealizing beauty of nature, he stands on his solid positive attitude towards the beauty and wonders of nature. Since the beginning of 2012 to date, he has participated in many international exhibitions of artistic photography under high patronage of FIAP (Federation Internationale de l'Art Photographique) for 289 times. He has won 325 awards (171 medals and 154 honorable mentions) in more than 30 countries. He also participated in international exhibitions under the patronage of the PSA (Photographic Society of America) where he is also rewarded many times. He has been awarded in other specialized photographic competitions around the world. The total number of awards surpasses 400. He won the 1st prize at 1x Photo Awards 2015. He holds honorary photographic titles EFIAP/s and EPSA. His famous photo "Natural abstract" has been awarded with the FIAP gold medal in the macro category at the 7th Salon of photography in the United Arab Emirates 2012/116 and permanently stored at the National Library in Paris. This photo was among the top 10 on the Sony World Photography Awards. At that competition he was the winner in the category of National Award 2015, where he was also placed in the top 50 with another of his photo. On he won the first prize in the category of macro with photograph “Only love matters” in 2014. Five years in a row, he was awarded on the American National Insect Salon under the patronage of the PSA. He is a winner of the gold medal for the best PSA author of salon twice. He won the first and second prize in 2014 at the National Insect Week in England, which is held biennially. In less than four years, Petar Sabol became the most awarded Croatian photographer. His work has been published in many journals (Mirror, Telegraph, The Sun, The Dailymail, Meridians). So far he held three solo exhibitions. At the end of 2014 in Zagreb presented his first solo exhibition Butterflies. The second solo exhibition Kingfisher held in April 2016 in Negova in Slovenia under the high patronage of FIAP, in one of six world-renowned exhibition centers of FIAP. The third solo exhibition Kingfisher presented in Bor, Serbia, early October 2016. He is a member of the jury in international exhibitions and photographic competitions. He use SONY ALPHA equipment from 8-400mm and is SONY ambassador of Croatia.

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