Yuri Pritisk

Yuri Pritisk. Photographer, teacher, winner of over 40 prestigious photo contests. Professes such areas as psychological portrait and landscape, with appliances available light (available light). No photo of the author is not removed with the use of flares or traditional schemes with artificial light. Often when shooting using improvised optical filters. ------ the achievements of the past 2 years ------ 2017 - the winner of the I International competition "Russian Civilization", conducted under the auspices of the (FAEA). 2017 - prize winner of the contest of documentary photography "Direct view" of 2017. 2nd place in the nomination "Compromise" won the series "Sisters". 2017 - the Winner of one of the biggest contests of the year, the Nikon "I | IN the heart of the IMAGE- 2017"! 2nd place in the nomination "Professional Series" won the series "Dead season". The series presents landscape images of the ice on the river. 2016 - winner of the II contest of the Russian geographical society "the Most beautiful country". Won the category "World in our hands". There were about 110 000 images 23 000 authors. 2016 GRAND Prix of the International competition of photos taken with filters International Filter Photo Contest 2014-2015 (IFPC). The main prize of the competition was awarded to the photo "Dancing in a dream". 2016, the Winner of the photo contest Epson "planet colors". 1st place in the category "People" took the photo "21:91". Were submitted more than 9,500 photos. 2016, the Winner of the annual photo project "The Best of Russia" ("Best photos of Russia") http://thebestofrussia.ru Attention photo: "Kalyazin. First snow."In total the competition was presented to 21 817 photos.

Contest Placements