The results from our 2016 Animal Behaviour photo contest.

  • Winner: Greg Lecoeur
    Sardine Run

    I captured this image during the migration of the sardines along the wild coast of South Africa. Natural predation, sardines are preyed upon by cape gannet birds and common dolphins. The hunt begins with common dolphins that have developed special hunting techniques. With remarkable eyesight, the gannets follow the dolphins before diving in a free fall from 30 to 40 meters high, piercing the surface of the water head first at a speed of 80km/h to get their fill of sardines.

  • Runner-Up: Petar Sabol
    Natural abstract

    Damselflies laying their eggs on a water lily stem create unbelievable scene with their reflection at water surface

  • Runner-Up: Ingrid Vekemans
    Battle Of Giants

    Driving around Solio Game Reserve in Kenya, we spotted these two rhinos who at first just seemed to be looking at each other. All of a sudden the one with the long horn charged. I realized I was witnessing something unique from so close by and wanted to take advantage of the closeness by bringing the action very close so grabbed the 500mm lens. This way I wanted to emphasize action, blood, dust and fury.

Congratulations to the featured photographers and a big thank you to all who entered! Thank you also to the generous support of our contest sponsors: