Anupam Katkar

I am a wildlife photographer based in Springfield, Oregon. I was lucky enough to grow up in central India, with easy access to some of the world's best-protected habitat for tigers and Indian wild dogs. My first mirrorless camera, the Olympus E-PL3, sparked my passion for photography. My skills improved greatly when I moved to the United States and started practicing on small birds with a manual-focus Canon FD 300mm f4 S.S.C. I use a Micro Four Thirds system and legacy lenses for most of my work. Will Burrard-Lucas' Beetlecam was my inspiration for building my own six-wheeled robot for wildlife photography. I draw inspiration from Will, Petr Bambousek, Bence Mate, Andy Rouse, Morten Hilmer and BBC's The Hunt. I donate my photography to conservation nonprofits and intend to move from artistic to conservation photography. My goals are to photograph pumas in the Chilean Patagonia, elephants in Chad and Botswana, Ethiopian wolves, polar wildlife, a cheetah hunt and the wildlife of Central America.

Contest Placements